Exam Results - 2009

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If you do not know your username and password or in case of any other problems you may have accessing this site, or when entering exam results please email us: examresults@thetimes.co.uk Alternatively, on results days - 20th or 27th August - you can call us on 0207 782 5000 and ask for The Times Results Service.

This year, for our A Level league table we will be using the percentage of A grades, plus B grades as the ranking indicator, using A grades as a tie-breaker. We will be presenting IB scores as the equivalent of A Level grades.

For our GCSE tables we will use the proportion of A* and A grades as the ranking indicator. We will be using A* grades as a tie breaker.

Please remember not to include General Studies in your results entry for A levels.

Thank you for sending your results.